2.500 Glasses of Milk Have Been Sponsored To Pediatric Patients With Chemical Transmission

05/11/2018 Thứ hai


Since the Online Charitable Fair was launched on Fanpage of For Vietnamese Stature Foundation (VSF), there have been many donations and supports from donors by donating their used things, buying from Online Charitable Fair’s products to raise fund, sharing the Fair with others. In total, the Fair has raised 33 million VND and sponsored nearly 2,500 glasses of milk for pediatric children with chemical treatments.


VSF started executing the activity of giving fresh milk for pediatric patients with the chemical transmission in the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion with the sponsorship of TH Group. After 3 months implementing the activity, the Online Charitable Fair is simultaneously held in order to raise funds to buy and deliver more nutritional milk to those children.


With an aim of more pediatric patients being supplemented with fresh milk each week, VSF came into contact with officers in Pediatric Department of National Cancer Hospital - Tan Trieu branch and then started giving fresh milk to whom are treated in Pediatric Department of National Cancer Hospital - Tan Trieu branch. We hope that this activity can last for a long time with the support of donors and supporters.