Raising Workers’ Awareness of Healthcare for Women and Children

04/11/2018 Chủ nhật

"I have heard but not quite understand about maternity depression. After communication workshop about mental healthcare for women of reproductive age, I truly understand the real causes and know what I should do to maintain my mental health." - Duong Thi Hiep (worker at Daiwa Plastic Factory) share.


"Now I deeply understand about it"


Ms. Duong Thi Hiep (19 years old) is pregnant for the first time.


This is the most talked about feedback in a communication session of  "For Mother and Baby - For Vietnamese Stature" project. It showed that no matter who they are, a pregnant women attending a workshop about nutrition care for herself, or a worker having two children at workshop about nutritional care on 1000 first days of children's life, or a male employee taking care of his wife after pregnancy, there is always something new and valuable for them to acquire.

Shift-based working time makes it difficult for workers to spend much time for themselves, their healthcare and sufficient rest. Mrs. Le Thi N. is 22 years old and works at Huawei Plant. She has two children, however, has never been through any Pelvic exam except for Pelvic examinations for pregnancy. After participating in the mobile reproductive health clinic of “For mother and baby - For Vietnamese Stature”, she figured out that she has got a positive test result through HPV test.


Women’s health care should be put at the top priority


In communication sessions on improving reproductive health for women of reproductive age, Dr. Tran Thi Minh Tam CKI (Soc Son province's Health Center) emphasized the importance of modern contraceptives to avoid unplanned pregnancy a sense of reproductive health care for women of reproductive age.


The psychologist, Le Thi Thanh Thuy (from Youth Academy), in the mental health communication sessions placed the importance on loving and respecting themselves for women. This is one of the simple but effective ways for women to have a healthy mental, which would allow them to love, care and share their responsibilities with their beloved ones and people around.


Laborers of Daiwa Plastic factory in the communication entitled "Improving mental health for pregnant women and young children".

In addition, nutritional care for women and children in the golden age - 1000 first days of life normally requires women and family members to have basic knowledge and be proactive in practice. A good diet plays an important role in healthcare for you and your family members, ensuring the development of the stature of infants and young children.

Experts also frankly shared that the equal contribution of both genders should be made in taking care of women’s health in reproductive age. In particular, women should always be equipped with knowledge, skills to actively ensure their reproductive health, pregnancy, and safe birth child. Men should openly share issues of reproductive health care, control information and support women in reproductive health.



As of 30/9/2018, “For Mother and Baby - For Vietnamese Stature” project held 16 sessions on four topics:

- Improving, nutritionally caring for children in the golden age (5 times)

- Improving, nutritionally caring for women of reproductive age (4 sessions)

- Improving mental wellbeing during pregnancy and breastfeeding (2 sessions)

- Improve reproductive health for women of reproductive age (5 times)

The remaining four sessions will be held in October. The Project Review Conference and the Contest among five groups from factories joined the project will be taken place in November.

The project is funded by TH Group and DKT International Inc.